REFLECTIONS ON THE WALL - a personal retrospective 2009

20 years behind , 20 years after , the Berlin wall

1969 born in the state formerly known as GDR / DDR or East Germany
1977 first memory: driving by the wall with s-bahn, glancing at the West

raising heart beat

general memory: accepting the wall
1986: loosing a friend because of the wall . splitterleben

1989: Hungary, do we stay or do we leave

9th of november 1989 - memory blur: drunk in a club, somebody screaming: the wall is down
next morning: FROZEN

2 weeks later, november 1989: hitchhike to berlin, first impression behind the wall

10 years of post wall depression SHOCKED

1998-current: traveling and the salt
2009: visit wall museum engl. translation in Berlin Mitte with my father

subjective conclusion: when your home country disappears forever - you are becoming a feather
reflection 5: inselsehnsucht
federlicht: reflect the light of your past and past past peoples

antye greie